One of the strengths of WordPress is that we can use plugins to implement various features. However in many cases plugins are loaded without reason.

Moreover, poorly coded plugins can run CPU- and/or memory-intensive tasks, or enqueuing scripts/styles when generating a page, even if the plugin is not required for the current request at all.

With WP Shifty you can disable plugins by URL, page, device, for post type, user role, etc. With this feature you can not only decrease bloat, but that speed up the page generation and decrease memory usage.

In every scenario you can disable plugins on the Live editor tab. You can simply use switch next to the plugin.

How can I know which plugin should be disabled?

If you are not sure is a plugin required for the current page, you can you can simply disable it, and check the Live preview. If it becomes broken, then you need to re-enable the plugin. If the page is working, then you don’t need the plugin for the page.

If you disable any plugin, it is always recommended to test functionality as well (popups, AJAX features, etc)