Scenarios are collection of rules which should be applied when conditions are met.

What are rules?

With rules you can deactivate a plugin, dequeue a CSS or Javascript file, inject HTML, or preload/lazyload resources.
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What are conditions?

Conditions describes, when should be the rules applied. You can define a URL, post type, device, etc.
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Search in scenarios

If you have multiple scenarios, a search field will appear above the scenario list. If you start type here, it will filter the scenario list, and show only scenarios which are met with the search criteria.

You can search for plugin, resource name, or condition summary.

Manage scenarios

You can pause or activate scenarios on the dashboard. If you pause a scenario, it will keep all settings, but the status of the scenario will be set to draft, so no rules will be applied. You can also delete scenarios if you don’t need them anymore.

For every scenario you can see a short rule summary. If you click to More button at the bottom of the scenario box, you can expand the full rule summary for the scenario.